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Empowering EV Road Trippers: McDonald's Partnership with Electrify America to Combat Range Anxiety

11 WK Independent Study

Hard & Soft Skills
Market Research
User Research
Design Thinking
Industry Trends
Strategic Thinking




Range anxiety is the fear of Electric Vehicles (EV) drivers running out of charge before reaching driving destination.

58% of electric vehicle owners in the United States reported experiencing range anxiety.




What is the most common thing EV road trippers need while traveling?

Food, amenities, and a charge. 

How might we enhance the experience of road trippers by effectively addressing their food, amenities, and EV charging needs?


Range anxiety is a significant barrier to long-distance electric vehicle travel, as it leads to concerns about running out of charge and limited charging infrastructure availability, resulting in decreased confidence and convenience for EV owners.

EV Road.jpeg

There are various factors that contribute to this type of anxiety...



McCharging: A partnership between

McDonald's and Electrify America


Extensive real estate and nationwide presence


Integrated McDonald's app with Electrify America's 

Making long-distance EV travel more accessible and appealing to a wider range of consumers.

Why Electrify America?

800 stations and 3,600 fast-charging ports across the U.S.

Use of advanced technology that enables fast charging

Powered by 100% renewable energy sources



When taking a road trip one can’t help but notice McDonald’s everywhere.

13,341 locations
4,607 cities


How It Works

Prep For Trip

Download McDonald’s app


Get started - select route


Nav The Way

Select your route

Order food

Reserve your spot


The Spot

Select and reserve a spot while placing your order.

The QR code is your receipt.


Upon arrival...

Locate charging station

McD3 (1).png

View of pulling up to selected charging space. Through interviews, I found that people want to feel safe in their surroundings while charging, especially at night. With that in mind, I designed a well lit charging station. 

View of pulling up to selected charging space.

Scan the QR code received in the app order receipt to start your food order and begin charging.  Enjoy McDonald's food and amenities while waiting. 


Charging Station Screen Interactions

Oh yes...The Happy Meal


McDonald's reinforces sustainability through play by including a hot wheels toy EV car with every kid's happy meal, promoting environmental responsibility among younger generations.

“While taking action on climate change is challenging and requires significant investment, it is important for the strength of our business now and in the long term.”


Freddy, VA

EV Owner

That would be so helpful for us. I would go to McDonald's way more often if there were EV charging stations.

Lucy, VA

ICE Owner

I don't even drive an EV and I think this is a great idea. When I go on road trips I always plan my stops based on McDonald's locations, they are easily found off of the highway.

Patrick, GA

EV Owner

This would be the only reason that I would download the McDonald's app and use it.


-Attract new customers and retaining existing ones
-Diversifying business offerings and creating a new  
revenue stream
-Enhancing brand image and promoting sustainability  initiatives  
-Building strategic partnerships with technology and energy companies
-Generating valuable data insights on customer behavior and EV use patterns                             

-Reduction in range anxiety
-Enhanced customer experience with added amenities
-Easier access to charging stations during long distance road trips                 
-Enhancing EV user experience through tech and innovation

-Ability to plan and navigate charging stops using a familiar app        


This project showcases McDonald's commitment to sustainability and innovation while driving traffic to its locations. By implementing McCharging it displays the importance of collaborating with industry partners to stay competitive and relevant in an ever-changing market. There were many layers to consider in taking on a project like this but through my research, looking at trends, and just good old fashion talking to people (in and outside of the EV community) there is large need for this to happen. If McDonald's does not do this one of their competitors will.

Check out my process here.

Let's talk. I am always open to discussion and feedback.

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