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Strength In Every Reality 

El Salvador Hosts The Innovative Esports Olympics: Utilizing Blockchain And Metaverse Technology For An Immersive Spectator Experience

13 WK Collaboration

Hard & Soft Skills

Market Research

User Research

General Research

Creative Thinking

Design Thinking



Strategic Thinking





Adobe Aero

Final Cut Pro

Nica Mendoza - XD (Research, Strategy, Mock-ups)

Nate Villaire - XD (Research, Strategy, Video)

Lindsey Evans - AD (Branding, Mock-ups, Pictogram)

Kyle Brubaker - AD (Motion Graphics)

Estadio Nacional de El Salvador


The issue of diversity and inclusion in the Olympics has been a topic of concern for many years. Some of the reasons why include:

Lack of representation

Limited access to resources

Discrimination and prejudice

Limited opportunities for

certain sports


How might we leverage esports and the metaverse to create a more inclusive and innovative Olympic Games that promote diversity and accessibility for athletes and audiences worldwide?

Modernize and revitalize

Create a more diverse and inclusive experience

Explore a wider range of cultures and communities

Platform for fans/people

to connect


Olympic MetaVillage: a virtual event space that hosts eSports competitions, olympic watch parties, mini-games, and Official Olympics marketplace, powered by Decentraland. 

Decentraland is a virtual world that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications in a 3D environment. 

Why eSports

Dozens of existing eSports leagues, competitions, and tournaments 


475 million people watch and participate in eSports


Meets the multibillion dollar threshold and will only continue to grow

eSports are “real” sports 


Displays Olympic values 


Perfect platform to support the evolution of the Olympics


In September 2021,

El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender.


The acceptance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the perfect future -driven environment for online gaming’s inauguration as an official sport as well as the Olympics’ first foray into the Metaverse.

Why El Salvador?


Get Ready for a Game-Changing Olympics! El Salvador to Host 2032 Olympics in the Metaverse, Redefining the Future of Sports, Gaming, and Global Community.


The Village

The official metaverse hangout of the 2032 San Salvador olympic games. A new way to explore, interact, and play.


The journey starts here...


Participants will enter the games by using the Decentraland metaverse platform. They have the option to use their own browser extension wallet or visit as a guest.

VR headset not required.

Select Avatar

After logging in, you are prompted to create an avatar. Decide your style and join in the games!

Join The Community

After creating an avatar, join the games with clearly marked links that let visitors know how to access MetaVillage, mini games, and watch parties.



The Olympics is not complete without having a mascot. Meet MotBot, the official guide of the MetaVillage. 

MotBot will help participants navigate the MetaVillage and appear to announce new games and tournaments in different locations of the village.




When visitors spawn into the MetaVillage they spawn here and will be greeted by MotBot. 

MotBot shows visitors what keys are needed to maneuver around if using a computer. 

MotBot Notifications

The map leads visitors to the different areas on the map where Olympic events and mini games are being featured.


The Arena

In the main arena— mini games, like soccer, are played. 

People can create teams or join an open team and play for fun. 


The MetaLounge

The MetaVillage lounge allows for people to mingle.

Live streamed games are played on the large screens so viewers can have watch parties.

Meet and greets with favorite athletes are hosted here.

Official Olympic Store

The place to get MetaVillage Merch

Created to mark the Olympics and first ever introduction of the metaverse as part of the games.

Here is the menu with various memorabilia that participants can collect for this special event.


Limited edition

Pictogram NFT

Branding and Inspiration

E. MG.

pc gamer

Creating a world within an online gaming platform isn’t anything new but the utility that this has is what makes it cool and unique.


metaverse newbie

Oh wow, this is really cool! I can meet my friends here!

K. Sutton

former gymnast

This is a cool concept. It opens the door for so many people and brings the Olympics into the future.



-Improved availability of Olympic events and activities 

-More opportunities for interaction and engagement with other fans and participants from around the world.

-The ability to revisit Olympic events and competitions.

-Access to exclusive virtual merchandise and experiences.

-The potential for earning cryptocurrency or other rewards through participation in metaverse activities.

The Olympics

-Increase in ticket sales and sponsorship deals.


-Incorporating esports and metaverse attracts younger, tech-savvy audience, increasing revenue for the Olympics.

-Esports and metaverse diversifies audience and promotes inclusion.


-Esports and metaverse can boost tourism, promoting sustainability and leaving a tech-forward legacy.


By introducing esports and the metaverse to the Olympics, the event can attract a new audience, provide a more interactive and engaging experience for attendees, and promote diversity and inclusion. It also shows the potential of technology and virtual platforms to enhance and revolutionize traditional events. Overall, this project emphasizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve and embracing new ideas to stay relevant and appealing to audiences in an ever-changing world. More underrepresented countries are now finding new ways to leverage technologies to gain a seat at the table to attract industry, tourism, and combat brain drain. The Olympics is a gateway into bringing attention to unseen places and spaces and I truly believe they should open the door to more unique opportunities.

Want to check out my process?

Let's talk. I am always open to discussion and feedback.

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