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Controlled Energy - Kick the jitters, keep the focus

TwinTail Brews

The Team

Nica Mendoza XD/Project Manager

Peyton Spangler XD/Product Designer

Meaghan McFarland XD/Branding and Social 

Jamie IkIey XD/3D Motion Graphics

Martin Rees Copy Writer


Goal - Goal: Bring a new energy drink to market and highlight the use of key ingredients that set it apart from what is on the current market.


Our talented team joined forces to come up with the branding and packaging for a new start-up company: TwinTail Brews. We had less than four months to ideate, make, and finalize what became TwinTail Brews' fist beverage out in market: Superberry Power Tea. And let me tell you, that's a whole lot of communication, planning, listening and pivoting... and that's exactly what I managed to do for the team to help make this collaboration happen. 

Piloted the first intercollegiate partnership via the University of Richmond’s Bench Top Innovations course.

Launched A Beverage


Collaborated With This Team

TwinTail Brews - a Richmond, VA based company that is full of diverse backgrounds, wanting to change the beverage industry by introducing a tea energy drink that gives controlled energy... Superberry Power Tea.


Behind The Can

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