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Penguin On Vinyl

A timeless trend creating a new way for us to play and display our favorite stories


5 WK Collaboration

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Record Store

The Ask

Develop a new merchandise identity to appeal to
Gen Z readers.


As readers turn into listeners, with the rise of audiobooks, Penguin risks the loss of one of its greatest tools in building brand recognition -
a physical product. 


How might we leverage the appeal of vinyl records and Gen Z's nostalgic mindset to create a unique and authentic reading experience with Penguin on Vinyl, while incorporating merchandise to engage readers in a new way and foster a sense of fandom and collectability?


Music is another physical-turned-digital media category, and Gen Z is leaning into nostalgia with the resurgence of vinyl sales. Some of their favorite artists (Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Olivia Rodrigo) top sales charts, as Gen Z is 27% more likely to purchase vinyl than the average listener. 50% of those buying records do not own record players, making today's LPs more similar to merch than media.


Penguin on Vinyl: an exclusive collection of audiobook vinyl records with custom cover art. Each jacket will be equipped with a QR code, so the buyer also has access to the digital version. From vinyls, Penguin can create other listening accessories, such as headphones, speaker bookends, and even their own record player.

Merch Video


Audio Collection

Flexibility of Listening Options: The inclusion of QR codes for digital audiobook recordings provides Gen Z readers with flexibility in how they consume the content.


Choose to listen to the audiobook on compatible devices while on the move.

Scan QR code inside jacket cover to access the book's audio file.

Each selection allows for readers/listeners to not skip a beat.

Stacks of Records

The Merch 

Multifunctional Merchandise: The accompanying merchandise, such as headphones, speaker bookends, and record players can provide Gen Z readers with additional ways to interact with their vinyl records and books. These accessories can enhance the overall reading experience and offer added value to the product.

Blue Record


Find exclusive content and vinyl drops on the Penguin website


Gen Z

-Fandom and Collectability

-Multifunctional Merchandise

-Flexibility of Listening Options

-Social and Shared Experiences


-Innovation and Differentiation

-Expansion of Target Audience

-Increased Revenue Streams

-Brand Enhancement

-Diversification of Product Offerings

-Opportunities for Cross-Promotion and Partnerships


Penguin on Vinyl is a forward-thinking project that showcases Penguin's innovative and customer-centric approach in adapting to changing market trends. By leveraging the nostalgia and appeal of vinyl records among Gen Z readers, this project demonstrates Penguin's ability to diversify its product offerings, form strategic partnerships, and create unique and visually appealing experiences. Through creative marketing and promotion, Penguin on Vinyl represents a successful brand extension that differentiates the publisher and delivers a memorable and engaging reading experience for its target audience.

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