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Mobile app for a more sustainable future - track spending impact on environment, gain insights on corporations' sustainability, promote responsible consumer behavior


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There is a lack of accessible and user-friendly tools that provide insights into the environmental impact of spending and corporations' sustainability practices. This results in individuals being unaware of the environmental impact of their spending habits and the corporations they support.


How might we create a user-friendly app that empowers individuals to easily track and understand the environmental impact of their spending habits, while providing insights into the sustainability practices of corporations, and promoting responsible consumer behavior for a more sustainable future?


Muckraker - an intuitive and informative mobile app, powered by Mint by Intuit, that empowers users to track their spending impact on the environment, provides insights into corporations' sustainability practices, and promotes responsible consumer behavior for a more sustainable future.

The Manifesto 

City from Below

How It Works


Muckraker is a plug-in that uses Mint's APIs to track user account data.

There are 3 key features that give Rakers what they need to start making change:

News and Reviews, Account Linking, Impact Tracking


News and Reviews

City Sky

Joining The Muck

What In The Muck! contains the latest news articles that give insights on companies and the environment. 

Users can also access the news archives so they can continue their own journey to change. 

Account Link


Mint Plug-in

Accounts can be linked for easy access to manage money spending.

Use the sidebar to access app menu. Stay up to date with user profile, news, and events.

Accessing your intuit mint account is simple once established.

Track Impact

Impact Tracker

Track monthly spending by creating categories that can be monitored to see money spend.

When purchases are made, the app will put it in the right group.

Users are able to see where the most positive or negative impact has occurred by showing environmental categories and impact through an image.


The more of an image that is revealed, the worse the impact user has had for the month.


Track Accountability 

Banks and credit cards have an environmental impact. Learn how your preferred cards stack up


Transparency creates customer loyalty. This feature allows shoppers to see brand impact. 

Zoom In

By tapping on the company name, easily see how money was spent.


Feature allows for more individual control on spending and learning more about where dollars go. 

Out Of Homes/Vibe



fast fashion shopper

I think the concept of an app like this is so smart because it works for everyone. They can shop and manage their spending based on their own values.


socially aware shopper

I try to donate to a cause whenever I feel like I've contributed to a business that doesn't necessarily align with me.


considering change

I never thought about shopping in this way. This is cool because you can capture where you have the most impact and try to change.




-Increased awareness

-Sustainable decision-making

-Personalized recommendations

-Educational content


-Enhanced CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) image

-Consumer loyalty

-Competitive advantage

-Business innovation

-Data-driven insights


Muckraker aims to empower users with a tool to track their spending impact on the environment and make informed consumer choices. Through ideation, research, and collaboration, an app was developed that promotes sustainability, raises awareness, and encourages responsible spending. The idea to create a more sustainable future by empowering users to make positive changes in their spending habits and supporting environmentally responsible companies is a challenge. Figuring out how to take such a nebulous idea and finding a focus is exciting to continue to work on. The underground esthetic of the app and branding has the potential to drive positive environmental and social impact. I am excited about the possibilities for further innovation and improvement.

Want to check out my process?

Let's talk. I am always open to discussion and feedback.

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