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about ME!


Chief Dreamer, Creative Connoisseur, and Professional Fun-Seeker

As a future-forward Experience Designer, I actively seek out emerging trends and technologies by keeping my ears and eyes to the streets. My diverse background from being in the military, studying fine art, and fashion helps me to anticipate future user needs and design solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

I'm all about adventure, creativity, and connecting with people… super enthusiastic about exploring the world... it's great for insights!

Ask me about the most random thing that has happend to me while abroad.

11 Fun Facts

From Indiana.
I have 57 house plants.
One of Bjork's biggest fans.
I played the violin for 13 years.

I like to hit the trails on my bike.

Veteran - proudly served my country.

I've been to El Zonte (aka Bitcoin Beach).

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best!

I have enough Funko Pops to build an army.

IP Man movies stay on repeat when working.
My workspace is where I go to explore my ideas.



Want to know what I'm listening to while I work? Checkout my playlist, it's the biggest insight into who I am... music is life! Let me know what your favorite jam is! Let's connect!✌🏾

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